Sep 12, 2016

The Emotional Impact of Lymphedema

Little is said about the psychological affects of Lymphedema, despite its profound impact on the person dealing with it.Lymphedema can cause pronounced social inhibitions because of being self conscious, it can cause depression, embarrassment, disfigurement, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

You often go through tremendous life style changes and feel worthless and useless. It can cause sexual dysfunction as both male and female Lymphedema patients can acquire genital lymphedema.You go through periods of struggling with feeling humiliation, despair and you can experience terrific pain.You also go through a lot of anger. Anger at why you have this, why the medical world knows so little about this condition and sometimes seems to care little either.

If you are going through these emotions, please don't be afraid to let your doctor know. You may need professional help to get through this. You may also find a lot of comfort and encouragement in joining a support group either in person or online.

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